Community can simply be defined as a group of people living together. However, the deeper definition of community brings up rich connotations of family, relatives, neighbors and like-minded people who share a a common destiny.

At Kashi, the Hindu concept of satsang, further informs our understanding of community, to include the search for truth. There seems to be a deep longing in our society for community and all the depth it provides: safety, an environment of acceptance, belonging, personal growth, healing and self-discovery. With each new generation, our community is always evolving, along with our search for truth.

An Open Community

Kashi is a residential spiritual community and is considered an “intentional community”. This means that people choosing to live together do so around a common purpose which fosters a sense of belonging and interdependence.  Kashi’s arms are open wide, welcoming people from all walks of life to share and find refuge in the love and devotion of this community.

Sustainable Kashi

The “Sustainable Kashi” initiative grew from this notion of community: making Kashi sustainable while embracing holistic living among its residents and members.

Permaculture, is guided by a set of ethics: caring for earth, caring for people and reinvesting the surplus that this care will create. We feel that this logic fits perfectly with the communal living and spiritual path that Kashi has offered for the past 36 years. Many of us grew up on Kashi and all of us have been greatly touched by the opportunity to give back to Kashi in this way.



At the core of permaculture, is design. Design is a connection between things. It’s not water, or a chicken or a tree. It is how the water, the chicken and the tree are connected. We strive to design our projects in a way that builds community along with additional food sources and educational outlets.

Sustainable Kashi will conduct its programming in a way that enhances the culture and life of those who live, visit and support Kashi Ashram by “teaching what we preach” through hosting workshops, tours, and work-study programs. We look forward to welcoming you!