Community of Kashi

When the Kashi community was established in 1976, there were just seven acres and two houses. Over the years the property has grown to include 80 acres and 5 main houses. Residents live communally in the houses, raising their families and practicing and refining the art of living together.

Kashi Ashram grounds and Sebastian River

Members of Kashi have also moved ‘across the street’, expanding the community further.

  • Kashi’s Planned Development-includes residential lots, areas on the property set aside for a conference and wellness center, expansion of the Ganga pond and temple area, as well as a second phase of residential development and a school.
  • The Village of Kashi-land allocated land for residential lots for sale to people interested in building their home on Kashi. To date 14 lots have been sold. If you are interested to know more, please contact Baba Ram at 772.473.8168.
  • Kashi Next Generation-is the name given to 100 or so children who were born and/or raised on Kashi and attended Kashi’s K-12 educational system, The River School. This is the group that has fostered the idea and implementation of “Sustainable Kashi”.
  • Extended Community-over the years the network of Ma’s students has extended around the country – and the world! Kashi has ashrams in Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles. These ashrams have active service programs, teach yoga and connect in to the monthly global live audio gatherings.