Food is essential for a thriving community, not only does it provide us with necessary sustenance but it allows us to gather and enjoy each others company.

Birds & the bees … Goats & the trees….

Sustainable Kashi aims to produce a significant portion of its ingredients, on the property. The chicken coup and the bee hives have allowed us to produce our own honey and eggs.

With our new herd of goats and the planting of the Mandala Garden/Fruit tree orchard we can look forward to new produce and dairy products.

Food at Kashi Ashram holds a particularly significant place being that one of the main practices is to “Feed Everyone”. Whether it is traditional Indian food or homestyle Italian, food is plentiful and delicious.

Rudra DasAt Kashi, we daily celebrate the generosity of nature’s cycle of sustenance. Food is integral for every thriving community, and its preparation can be as lifegiving as its consumption. The familiar act of planting, tending, plucking, chopping, stirring, cooking & eating ….. enticing our senses as we see, smell, sing and gossip our way through the garden, around the kitchen and into the communal dining hall. Ever an occasion for the family or community to gather, nourish & connect.

Though interfaith by origin, the ashram is grounded in the Hindu ethos of vegetarianism. For this reason, at Kashi, all meals avoid using meat products. However, dairy and eggs are all included in the menu. “Feed everyone” is our philosophy and permaculture is our approach.

Come by for dinner or participate in our Feed Everyone program…