Sample Meditation

Here is a sample of “Easy Meditation” from Sustainable Kashi member Tara Dickinson.

There are literally hundreds of different methods, techniques, visualizations and breaths you can do during a meditation session. In this demonstration we will take a little from each methodology and combine them into some very simple practices to get acquainted with your quieter self.

How to Meditate

  1. After a good deal of practice one can actually mediate anywhere anytime (which can be most beneficial in hectic situations) but to begin it is best to do so alone and in a silent environment. A place where you feel safe and can let go of any worries is ideal, such as your home or a place of worship such as a church or temple or a setting in nature.
  1. After taking a comfortable position, whether crossed legged on a pillow on the floor, sitting in a chair or even lying down if that is all your condition allows, we bring our attention to our breath.
  1. Our breath is our life. Thus it makes sense that when we can watch and control the breath we can open to life. Initially, you begin to relax as you watch your breath. By literally visualizing the breath coming in and out each nostril your attention can only focus on that one activity and the mind stills.
  1. You can enhance this breathing mediation by using visualization. Visualize that your breath is now gold, a golden colored light that fills your body with each inhalation and releases any staleness on each exhalation.
  1. If you find your mind wandering or running thru thoughts you can use a simple counting technique to bring awareness back to the mediation. One method is to say to yourself, “Breathing in one, breathing out one. Breathing in two, breathing out two.” Another alternative is start at 1,000 and begin counting backwards. This focuses all of your attention on one action and one continuous breath.
  1. Once you have gotten the mind to a place of relative stillness you can now practice just being. When you meditate, you begin to receive a greater knowledge of yourself. The ‘self’ makes its existence known as immaterial thoughts begin to disappear.
  1. You may only be able to start with five minutes in the morning or five minutes at night. And than you may find yourself building up to 20, 30, or even 60 minutes or more. The serenity and depth you can find in your own self becomes exciting, refreshing and rejuvenating. This practice of just ‘being’ allows every aspect of you mind body and spirit to replenish and expand.

Meditation will keep you calm and free from exhaustion in this day and age. By watching and being aware of the breath, you are forcing awareness upon yourself. Give meditation time and space and you may find the fastest way to your own beauty is in your stillness.



  • If absolute silence is too difficult at first, playing simple instrumental music or sounds from nature can help to quiet and sooth the chatter of the mind.
  • Keeping the posture in a comfortable but straight position allows the breath to move most efficiently also keeping one from possibly falling into slumber.
  • Finding the right support for the seat, knees or back is beneficial as well, allowing you to concentrate on the mediation rather than on any physical pain that might arise from uncomfort.