Sustainable Kashi’s Annual Fruit-a-thon!


Fruit trees, fruit trees and more FRUIT TREES! It is our mission to enhance sacred Kashi with edible landscaping that will provide bountiful food supplies for generations to come. Sustainable Kashi is getting ready to place an order with Pine Island Nursery to be delivered in April. There are so many great fruit tree options for our part of Florida and we are asking for sponsors that would like to become a part of Kashi’s sustainable future!

Kashi has so much more land and space to grow many more delicious fruits, berries, and nuts. We are looking for YOUR HELP to place an order of OVER 50 FRUIT TREES so that we may get them delivered to Kashi for FREE!! The average cost of a fruit tree plus material for planting and staking is $80. Of course the labor is always Sustainable Kashi’s gift for a greener and tastier future!


Please consider donating for this wonderful endeavor. NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL. We can also make a customized metal plaque mounted at the base of the tree honoring your donation for an additional $100.
WAIT….it gets even better. Any check written to Kashi for this cause is eligible for a charitable tax deduction. Please be sure to write ‘fruit trees’ in the memo. Checks can be mailed to 11155 Roseland Rd, Sebastian, FL. 32958. You can also drop them in person at the Kashi office or to the Sustainable Kashi staff at Sunday markets. Those of you not concerned with a tax deduction can donate through our PayPal account. Please add a note letting us know its for fruit trees.

So far we have planted: 13 Mangoes, 12 Avocados, 8 Pomegranates, 3 Macadamia Nut, 6 Mulberries, 4 Banana, 4 Star Fruit, 4 Fig and a mix of 11 stone fruit. As well as assorted varieties of citrus, Sapodilla, White Sapote, Guava, Olive, Persimmon, Lychee, Longan, Papaya, Rose Apple, Dragon Fruit, Jaboticaba, Cherry of the Rio Grand, Miracle Fruit, Surinam Cherry, Grumichama, Jack Fruit, Loquat, Muntingia, Jujube, Barbados Cherry…..phew… WOW…we have been busy!!!! This a long list and it does not even count the many native and nitrogen fixing trees that we have planted as well. We have planted more than 200 trees in the past two years….and we want LOTS MORE!!!!


Here is a link to Pine Island Nursery for more info about these yummy trees!

If any local residents would like to piggy back on our order please email us at We are available to come to your property and make site specific recommendations on types of trees and where they should be planted. You can also hire us to do the planting.

Thank you and we are so looking forward to a wonderful spring and summer creating a vibrant and edible Kashi. Please sponsor a tree today!! Thank you!