I love my experience everyday at Sustainable Kashi. The people are passionate about sustainability. Beautiful grounds and farm, open progressive ideas, ideal work conditions and gourmet organic meals. I couldn’t imagine WWOOFing at any other place! I’m excited and grateful to have had the opportunity to experience such a magical place.

~ Mary, WWOOFer, Winter 2013


Sustainable Kashi offers so much more than an amazing WWOOFing experience.  A truly open and unique permaculture experience! As well as an incredible holistic approach to living in community.  The spiritual energy, residents, grounds, and food are truly phenomenal.  I will be forever enhanced by my time with Sustainable Kashi.

~ Eric, WWOOFer  Winter 2013


Ifeel truly grateful to have WWOOFed at Sustainable Kashi. Unlike any other placement I have been to, be it the spiritual surroundings or the beautiful people, you can expect a positive difference here. Not only did I learn about permaculture, I was involved in a number of projects from day one. I loved being part of this exciting venture and gained a wealth of knowledge as well as friends at my new home away from home.

Kathryn, WOOFEer Fall 2012



There have been several poses that I originally could not do at all (Crow, Wheel, Pigeon, Headstand), but now I can! Durgaya fostered a wonderful environment that made it easier to dispel fear and to approach poses with a positive, non-judgmental attitude. This is something that I’ve tried to carry with me into the rest of my life.

~ Diana V.


I am a former collegiate strength and conditioning coach and have been in the fitness industry for over 13 years.  I have taken my own fitness to a new level through my yoga practice with Durgaya. She will help you safely and effectively  whether you are looking to increase your strength, flexibility, or overall health.  And did I mention that she is not only an amazing teacher but an amazing person as well!

~Casey C.


Durgaya’s accessible teaching style and creative, easy-to-understand alignment cues helped my practice grow more in three months of taking her classes than throughout the previous three years combined. Regardless of level or style, she seems to know exactly when to encourage us to stretch “one more place” and when to give us a bit of a break.

~Anthoy M.


Durgaya keeps yoga fun, inspires you to try things you might not believe are possible and breaks it down so that they are possible. I think what sets her apart is her giftedness as a teacher. When Durgaya teaches its painless and virtually subliminal.

~John L.


Durgaya is a wonderful teacher, who has helped me identify my strengths and encourages me to take the next step. She noticed that I had a decent crow pose, and encouraged me to transition from the crow, and push up into a handstand. I was shocked, that I was able to do it! I’m grateful, and look forward to her classes.

~ Michael Dinatale